Sunday, December 21, 2008

2 Championships in 2009 ?

This might be true if our plans make it so. As most of you know Cashunt hosts a championship game at the end of the year, that involves the best 4 teams of the season to declare that years champion. Now there might be another season running at the same time with the new game DASHUNT. Dashunt will be a one team game that at the end of their game their points will be put against other teams that month. If they win the month then they will qualify to the Dashunt Championship in November against each winner of each month that season. Which means In the final it will be 10 teams going against each other for the championship. As always we love the competition and by adding another season of another game just makes it even more interesting and exciting. We provide our clients excitement, competition, orginality, fun, value, and the best all around multi game scavenger hunt game on the market today!

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