Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hello Cashunters, I hope all of you had a great holiday weekend this past week. We are now in the half-way point of our current season of Cashunt and we are very pleased thus far. One question we get a lot of is "do you usually produce the game in certain cities?" The answer to that question is yes....we like to concentrate on one major city at a time. Our current Cashunt cities are Boston, New York City, Chicago, and Las Vegas.. By putting our total focus one city at a time we believe will give our players the ultimate product for our industry in that city. With that being said if a client calls from a "non-cashunt city" we will be more than happy to produce a game for them we have no problem with that of course. But by doing a "less is more" way of picking cities will make our product that much more successful, this was and is our philosophy from the begining. The next cashunt cities we are looking at.. is possibly Hollywood, San Fransisco and Miami. We will make that annoucement when we make it official..

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