Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bunnies and Shamrocks!
Our seasonal games have really picked up some steam as of late... It was totally a test to see if the public would like games that have a little bit of a seasonal theme to it.  We had a few older types of games that we introduced a few years ago that had a seasonal theme (holiday hijinks and the haunted dash) but we never thought of other holidays such as St. Patty's day, Easter, 4th of July etc.  So this year we figured it would be best to try the those types of events.  Thus far the St. Patty's Dash was fantastic and this years Bunny Hunt looks like is gaining it's own popularity with families.  I am a huge believer of escapism and competition and I think that is why these games are gaining more and more popularity.  When we first started 10 years ago the company was strictly dealing only with bridal parties now it has grown leaps and bounds with everything under the sun especially with families. 

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