Monday, November 22, 2010

So What's With This $500 T-shirt Collection?!?

We have been getting this question a few times after our games ever since we annouced it in early October. What it is is that you will be able to buy a tshirt, sweatshirt, etc between $40 to $60 dollars that the artwork on the front and  back of the item will have clues as to where there is $500 hidden somewhere in  New England. Now this will be running for 1 month, so when someone finds the envelope containing $500 and take a picture with their special t-shirt on will win that prize. Once a location has been found that location will be closed but there will be other locations that will be alive because each shirt will have a variety of different locations hidden within the artwork.  Obviously one prize per player, the beauty of this promortion is that the majority of all the sales will be going to hopefully St. Jude's. The bigger the percentage the better:)  We have to finalize that with them and try to make the clothing fun and hip with obviously a purpose:)  Some of the preliminary designs look pretty cool that you would never think there would be a hidden message within it :)Shirts will be on sale March 1 to 31st 2011 and the contest will take place that same month as well.  So we ask you again would you wear a t-shirt worth $500?

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