Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pandora's Box opens for the Hustle in '14

We are very excited about our new game  geared to our corporate clients which we are calling Cashunt's Boston Hustle. This game is going to be unlike any of our other games for the simple fact that it's going to include additional game pieces. These physical game pieces will unlock additional challenges, some will include the Cashunt website as a BIG part during their game...that's all we can say for now ;)
    One challenge that we can talk about is called Cashunt's Pandora Box which will unlock a series of challenges that is designed in tiers. These tiers were inspired by the "choose your adventure" books that I read and loved as a kid and now we are implemneting them into the "Hustle".  The great thing about this challenge is that it will unlock prizes as well as dead ends but you need to choose wisely to be rewarded. The cool aspect for Pandora's box is at times we will be adding surprise gift certificates to establishments and maybe a pair of tickets to a sporting event. You just never know what Pandora's Box might need to open it first to find out.
    We want Cashunt's Boston Hustle to feel like 3 different things all in one: a traditional cashunt, a game show, and a story.  By doing this it will throw our players into our little world and in the same time have them experience the city that we love in a whole different light.  We just wanted the Hustle to break away from the successful Corp Mad Dash series we have had for years and have it stand alone.. Sorry for being a little vague about the concept but we don't want to let the whole cat out of the bag...we still want surprises during you expeirence. 

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